I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Weakness, strength and standing up, by Stevie Haston

Just got back from Britain, its an evil place full of sheep! I am naffed off with Britain and hope never to go back. I hate Liverpool airport and their stupid so called security staff,  I was touched up twice despite doing everything they said, incompetant and unnecessary. I am a 56 year old grandad! A guy in front of me was searched, and the baby he was carrying, his wife followed with another baby, she was searched, clearly they were going to blow their own babies and themselves up, its obvious isn't it! They said nothing! I spoke to the extremely dim so called security staff, and whispered in his ear that I thought he had a  queer idea who terrorists are. He didn't like that and tried to make me miss my plane. Ryan air have another ploy to fleece you of money, they weigh your carry on bag inside departure twice trying to catch you out. 

 Malta is tops of this little chart and good old Britain is joint second! The Minister of Agriculture informed a friend of mine that Malta soil was safe in reply to a question of mine. The reason the soil is so pure is because we are using human Maltese kidneys to purify the soil -a cheap but possibly dangerous use of human humble bees- complain FFS.

Stand up for your rights before you have none left. I couldn't do ten squats with this 50 kgs of Organic grain, it took us ages to source it, and because I am still sick from eating shite I could barely stand up.
While in Wales I did a route with my seven year old grandchild Harmony, she loved it. I also did marshal arts with all of them, and indoctrinated them about GMOs, pesticide and herbicide. I have completly stopped eating meat that isn't my own, and will change my nationality from United Kingdom of Sheep, to the Republic of Standup for Your Rights.