I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Between a Rock and a Soft Sky, by Stevie Haston

Rock, sky, flowers, cactus, thorns, sweat, falls  from the sky towards the earth.  

 Laurence on a 6b she thought was lovely, on a crag called the Black Slab. 

 A new route  which is humiliating me, but will be a pearl, it's brute but it's a pearl.

One of the strange indigenous plants on Malta and Gozo. Lots of flowers at the moment, some of which come from South Africa, imported by the Brits. The winter Daffodil comes from the Canary islands but is just past its best, and was introduced by the French I think a few centuries ago, just another example of the islands flora, which is more numerous than in Britain or Northern Europe.