I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Obama does three pull ups and kills people, by Stevie lefty Haston.

There are more Americans on this blog than brits, some of you are really intelligent and powerful people please take notice of what your president is doing.
Apparantly Obama can do three pull-ups, that obviously makes him a bit better than the new buffoon in charge of France, a man bizarrely named Hollande! Does it though? How do we judge presidents? By their smile–Clinton, sex appeal-Kennedy, Obama-skin colour, Nixon –Pinocchio nose, or by what they do for the common good. And what of-course is the common good.
Holland turned up in Kabul to tell the French lads in UN uniform that he was going to bring them back, jeez hasn’t he heard of Email? Obama, sweet, neither Black, neither White, sanctions killing in foreign countries without trial. 
 Sorry, I didn’t really understand that, he has made it ok for America to go into a different country, and on the basis of perhaps nothing, just hearsay-a legal term, kill people who have no legal and fair  trial. Oh , ok that’s ok and dandy, its Obama and America.  Yes the world sits by and smiles, because we have cars that need filling.