I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How does my Garden grow? By Stevie green fingers Haston.

With Cockle shells and Silver bells. My garden is beautiful, the vegetables are delicious and have no nasty poisons in them, lots of work though. I am afraid I will bore you with  more of my opinion, so those who don’t like discussion can go else where now. My vegetables are good, are yours? My chickens eggs are  great are yours? I can’t buy untreated milk, which is what I like but the law forbids it. The law is an ass. I can’t kill my own animals, they must be taken miles to a legal slaughter house, and at cost to me, are killed in a way I don’t approve of.   There are a ton of things I disagree with, and there are laws I don’t believe in, there are governments I think are plain corrupt and just serve big business, I am not just a climber!

My Blog is full of opinion, indeed I live a life very different from the norm, so please don’t threaten me like some people just have about the Obama thing. The Guardian newspaper thinks a bit like me so perhaps you should threaten them.

Anyway, enough, my garden grows! The magic of growing things continues. I went climbing today and found some one has been chipping one of my projects! Please stop, they have also chipped a hold on Lolita, this is at the Grotte de Sabart, I will repair these holds.

The day was a very good one, my companion was tired but did great, we both made progress, I am convinced I will climb harder than I ever have. If I succeed, it will mean that all old people have been fed nonsense about sport.