I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 31 May 2012

King of Kings II, by Stevie prince of darkness Haston.

Five mags have bought a few photos of king of Kings, it would be better, if more bought more. I want to go back to Malta and create more fiendish routes, I need money, ergo...Strangely and even as a surprise to myself, climbing is getting easier, I would like to take advantage of this second wind and try my hardest for the next year, it should be very interesting. And it all came about when I met this guy called Charlie Mephistopholies, and I sold him something, he looked a bit shifty, he wanted my soul, I thought he wanted the new rubber on the sportive boot that everybody thinks is great, so I sold him two, not one, he seemed a bit gullible to me, anyway ever since things have been looking up, or down as I climb mostly upside down now. I just finished an article for Gripped about Roof Climbing.... Anyway if you can help my journey please contact me, Stevie Dorian Haston