I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Curriculum climum and a few thoughts by stevie haston

Ploding on towards 7000m
Early climbs with grandfather, mostly on dodgy rock.
Roped climbing at 14 but often solo
First trip to Alps 15
First winter trip to Alps 16
One of the early E5 leaders in Britain and soloers
Bouldering font 7c+ 1979
One of the fast and light brigade in the Alps and greater ranges, mais je préfère en Français Pur et Dur
Mixed climbing first VIII in Britain
Mixed climbing first M9 M10 M11
Mixed climbing gear development and proponent of a few conventions to keep it all fair, primarily no spurs
Ice climbing a few grade 7 solo
Grande courses innumerable, many solo
Snowboarding, couloir du diable and others §m surfing Mountains in Himalayas over 7000 meters is as good as it gets
Best efforts are doing new routes, from Britain ‘Dervish’ etc to new routes in Himalayas and still plodding on in old age. Loose rock and dangerous ice really test, avalanche prone slopes, crevasses when alone in mist, these are all more of a test than most people realise. Most proud of Walker Spur in Winter all free.
Bad surfing conditions at altitude
Wish list : push bolt grade, surf a few big mountains in mega snow, not disqualify myself from life and getting better, by involuntary death. Having a bit of money to do more, wish I was younger etc