I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 18 December 2009

To hell with climbing by Stevie Haston

Dear darling, Blog, it looks like you have failed me. Far from paying your way I am poorer than ever. Why pretty Blogesss, oh why have you forsaken me?
Yesterday I ageed to start some work as a builder, a totally insane thing to do as I am in very good climbing shape, and not really cut out to be a builder. However as a builder I get payed well, and idiots don’t insult me on the web. As a supposedly sponsored climber , I cant get my car MOTd and owe lots of money. I could write a book on training but my book wouldn’t be a long read, would it? ‘Get strong , Fool’, might be my title. What about the job of training the British Team, Britain might get the odd medal then, eh? Yep builder it is. Next weeks Blog might be, how to start a petrol cement mixer in minus 8 degrees.