I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bonne Grimpe

Hello folks, this week I have had alotta demands from web sites for free information and photos. Well you know, much as I’d like to oblige, and make other people rich, and provide vicarious pleasure for others, I thought I”d decline. There’s a few obvious reasons, like I’m busy, I need money just like everybody else, and I’d rather spend my time in the garden, with my farm animals, or going climbing. This blog (I hate the word) might not come to much as I don’t have much to say that is important and I rarely do any climbing that I think is significant, but I will try and see if it is to my advantage. One of the reasons I might keep this "golb" up, is because there is so much rubbish in the climbing press and web. Nobody likes to say anything, because for the most part they are spineless fameheads, and are too busy imbedding themselves up the posteriors of the media.