I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Mixed Axes from Grivel, by Stevie Haston

Two great axes, very robust, different performance. I am totally spoilt for choice at the moment, these make the choice worse. The black one is probably the choice weapon for Scotlands hardest routes and a bit more, basically bombproof, also a great choice for the harder mixed routes in the Alps and beyond.

The Orange one is a comp weapon and for the hardest mixed routes. I would still use this in all the more normal situations but some people will find its swing a bit twitchy, it’s really a bit too well bred for ordinary folk. If you think you can handle the hardest routes, this one is for you.

Both Axes come out of our Race department Reparto Corso, which is doing incredible stuff. Stay posted there are more axes, one my personal favorite, I can’t tell you about or they will kill me, but I am bursting to share. Ciao.