I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 17 December 2018

Tin Tin climbs Tin Tin swims, by Stevie Haston.

Being tired, it was hard to get up for the delivery of a lost air line bag, but it had two sets of regulators and some climbing gear in it, so we got up. The previous day we had traveled 900km on a bus, zipped around Cairo in its polluted fog and managed to nearly miss our flight. Next we changed flights at Istanbul Airport, where with out some rugby like tactics from me against some very patient travellers in a mind boggling collection of waiting people we would have missed our connecting flight! I elbowed people aside very gently while apologising in various languages, some people even had the temerity to argue with me, these were ignored and we got through the line and ran to our plane-we got it! Politeness is a virtue, but some times elbows work very well, that line was over an hour long we did it in two mins. 

Today I went climbing with these two and had a great time, they hadn't forgotten anything and their  "months rest" from climbing had somehow put a bit of accuracy into their foot work.  A lovely mornings climbing. We missed the rain which just started after I walked up the hill to our flat-brill climbing -loved it. Mind you it didn't hurt that I'd lost a few kgs of lard with all the swimming.

Two hobbits at the bottom of Everlasting - a big pitch of 45 meters!

This photo is for Said, ZiZoo, Achmed, and Abdulla, it's of friendly Maltese Jellyfish. 

This is my new friend Said, we are a bit off the coast, looking for a spot I'd found with some sharks, he thinks I am joking, but I don't joke sometimes.

Do you like Dolphins? I like Dolphins and they like me! I saw three in Cornwall last winter but they didn't hang around much. I swam once in India with an uncountable number of them, the sea was alive and the air was too, they where everywhere, that was unforgettable, but old men can forget, and I am old, so it was good to do it again. These are on this last trip, they were all around me, you are not supposed to touch them so I didn't.

you need to do certain things-you need to go where the eagle soars, you need to go where the Dolphin jumps and plays, and you need to climb. I saw some lovely mountains in Egypt, I would like to scramble up some ridges there and stare across the desert.
I need to do some pull ups. Instead of swimming a Kilometre I want to climb a kilometre. Time to do some finger work. If any body is interested I did four sets of pull ups after climbing; 25, 20, 15, 10. I need to do that with a 20 kg weight belt. But hey my friends I need to go back to the sea and talk to the fishes. 
So if any of you guys out there need to learn something about climbing, or do some adventure swimming, or snorkelling please contact me. I need money to be with the Eagles and the Fishes.