I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Training for Trade Shows, by Stevie the Pro Haston.

I will be at ISPO Munich trade show for the next few days followed by Italy with Grivel, I might even Ice climb!

 Sorry about this photo, it was a great route hope its not the sat of this quality that I do, it has left me feeling bereft, a funny feeling eh?

 Love this thing, yesterday I saw an octopus, a cuttle fish, two moray eels, a lobster and an unidentified non med fish. A good dive with nobody around!

 I hate logistics!
There has been a good bit of ice this year so Grivel should do well as well as the others, Big snow years big money. ISPO will be huge, it is huge, but  it will be huge-er, and there will be a wall built around it of plastic, the plastic we all put into it. Well no there won't, but... 

that crushing feeling when you are asked about equipment that is easy to understand and use!

Hope to see ya all at ISPO, I will be the overworked looking guy at the Grivel stand.