I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 15 January 2018

Exercise the beast,by Stevie Lana del Rey Haston

its morning time, time to salute the sun!

I was watching an exercise thingy on the net which was really just begging for money by two very dapper looking "trainers", and I was rather struck by their re inventing of the wheel!Well done chaps, money for old rope indeed!
 before it fully wakes up, just a few chickens and the odd dog awake.

I am a bit injured at the moment, a bit of impingement, this happens from time to time, so what should I do? Well says the doctor, you must desist from hurting it, or moving the joint, of impinging it more-clear? Climber says yes, and then climbs-continues to hurt it! Climbers are really dumb. Climbing trainers are sometimes worse. Beware of climbing trainers who wrap their Burrito in bullshit. If you see them on something that resembles a garden trellis with words that don't sound anglo saxon, or short-beware!

Climbing is utterly fantastic, and you don't have to ware a red dress, just red pants.

 Do you ever find your self singing, "I'ave got my red dress on tonight", and suddenly realise you are a barrel chested unshaven 60 year old! What do you do? Do you just continue? It's probably ok at the top of a climb, but I found myself singing this at the police station a while back. Anyway have you done your 3 training sessions this week? Have you done your stretching, yoga, or what ever? Have you visualised being better at things? Have you not continued to climb because really it is not making it better! I have switched from doing pull ups to doing dumbbell curls at the moment, they aren't the same, but at least the bicep gets a bit rather than the shoulder hurting. Have you noticed that nobody has bodies that are in complete balance for climbing except people who really work very hard for it, and the core of their work is moving in thousands of ways, and very strong fingers! Beware the Jubjub bird, do lots of work, put the runners equivalent of lots of miles in, in climbers terms do lots of routes. If you really want to improve use different hold shapes with different textures, climb out side on different angles, and different rocks. There is a  big plus, it's fun!