I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 24 April 2017

Injuries and elections, by Stevie unimpressed Haston.

There are elections going on all over the place, if you don't think this is important, you are very stupid, and that's what the people in charge want. You are not supposed to bring up people's intelligence, or lack of it, but gee whiz, vote, and seriously, just vote for the party that will look after you. All will be good.

doing laps on a 7a, how the mighty have fallen.

There's lots of Germans, and Swiss climbing here, and Americans, very few people from the UK, what does that tell you? It tells me the people from my old country don't have money!

 My fingers are showing a few dings, these are a pair of index fingers, you might understand that picking my nose with the right hand one is a bit harder!

I haven't done a blog for a while, although lots of interesting things have been going on. A girl did La Rambla, which very much impressed me, it's a 9a+, and has broken many men, and boys! Another girl did Ground Zero in Italy 9a, which I tried a lot, and never really got close to doing, she was a dwarf too, and I used to moan about my reach on it!

 My paired thumbs! I think the right hand one is broken , it hurts more than listening to Mrs UNELECTED May speeches .

People are doing 9a's every where, and Onda the best climber in the world has done very well recently, with a few in a week, and 9bs to boot! Very good everybody, I am startled, impressed, and bamboozled! I am not equally impressed with politicians, their lies, false promises, and corruptibility seems to have reached epidemic proportions, with global annihilation on the menu again. Well gee thanks guys.

Trimming the verge, I am not a vicars son, daughter, or illegitimate progeny of any sort. 

Anyway, I am doing what I normally do, I climb, therefore I still am. I also have a blown ear, which means I am deaf in my right ear! This doesn't mean I am deaf to what the Right is doing, unlike a large proportion of the electorate of Europe, and America. Please guys and girls get your shit together, and vote for central parties, peace niks, parties of the left, but not money grubbing, right wing, thieves, war monger's , lunatics, and people whose surnames start with a month in them!