I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Vaisakhi and just happiness to you all, by Stevie non religious Haston.

I normaly pray to a least ten gods a day, because even though I am an atheist, I like to hedge my bets.

 what I do when I don't climb, or when I am not crying about the stupid state of the world.

I have just struggled through two huge books about Margret the broom riding ex Priminister of the broken UK, wow I am exhausted. Good as the book was, it was a black 10 years, and set us up for the mess we are in now, with the new broom Mrs unelected May. The people of course to thank for this, are the thick misguided public, who either want to increase their wealth to insane proportions, or who would like to.

 local rubbish on one of our scenic walks!

I have noticed huge amounts of rubbish on the North Coast of Gozo, and so have other walkers and climbers. I am a bit tired of cleaning it up, but don't know what to do.

 Easter holidays, and not so many Brits, Brexit is kicking in except for football hooligans we sent to spain to sort out Gibraltar.

Climbing has proved a bit painful recently, a couple of falls bashed me about, and produced stuff that I didn't really notice (well I pretended I guess), a torn bicep, a broken thumb, and lots of throbbing, and stiffness of a rather unsavoury nature. 

 Kayak trip with Paulina, Dustin, and the Captain, the latter is not me, I am a humble mid shipman.

It is amazing what you can do if you don't recognise your not really up to scratch. If you think I am being facetious your correct. Whatever gave Trump, or May the idea that they could win anything other than a game of solitaire, or tiddlywinks. The weather has been great, it rains at night to keep everything green, and god has created many new rock climbs for me to discover-happy.

 a very foreshortened photo of a 30 meter plus Gormengast  Crack, 6a.

The approach to the above route is, or can be down through tunnels, and up and down steps in cliffs and darkness, and through letterboxes through rock, slither wither. 

   Chris pretending to be Edwin Lear.

I have climbed with some great people recently, Chris a tennis coach, Richard a journalist, and his family, Jo a social services worker, and my locals. Special thanks to Simon Alden who has kept my spirits up with the access problems and who caught me on one of my falls. Thanks everybody.