I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pull up your life, by Stevie Haston

 It's getting powerfully hot, too hot to climb almost. Sometimes the idea of going out, and just failing on a route  doesn't get me excited, so I train inside. I open up the doors, and windows, listen to some classical music, and dream about not failing on routes. The grease on my fingers disappears as the draft through my apartment whooshes thru. I'ave been doing pull ups a long time, they are still hard, I'ave been climbing a long time-routes are still desperate! Nothing changes. I was wondering if I could actually say, "Pullups have improved my life" without laughing, so I said it, and didn't laugh! "Running has improved my life", no laughs either. A wooden pull up board is a god send, I have to say, no laughs.

 These little squares of paper can be found where ever I live, some times more often than others. They are like some weird bit of Japanese calligraphy, or a numerical poem. I love seeing them, it means that I haven't given up, maybe next week, but not today, today I did my training.

 A dragonfly came in out of the heat, and found some moisture on the sink. The last time I had a visiter like this  was in France. Doing pull ups, and you get a visiter like this, what can you say except hello! And thanks for popping in.

These thistles are hybrids between thistles, and artichokes. I think they are cute, they live at the bottom of some of my routes. Did you know that Lichen eats rock, and can be older than any person has ever lived. There's a lot I don't know, but pull ups have improved my life, this much is true, don't laugh! Now I am laughing!