I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 1 June 2015

Co-operation, rock and harmony, by Stevie Haston.

A little cliff at the top of a big one, a little sunbathing or roasting belvedere.

 Yesterday there were about 40 climbers enjoying themselves on a Gozo cliff! It's a neat little gorge with  a lot of routes, but it could have 150 or more routes. Gozo needs the visitors, and their money, and we all need some time in nature away from the stress of modern life. Yesterday was important for the small Maltese climbing population, because we were trying to work together to make our sport better for us, and touristic climbers, and visitors. There was one party of 18 students from Oxford University who said our climbing was more interesting than Turkey, Kalimnos and Sicily. Gozo I have to say is at least their equal, and might exceed them scenically.

Our climbing has a large palate of colours, rich and deep, and warm.

Much thanks to all involved in putting in new anchors, removing rusty bolts, establishing paths etc. Thanks to Malta Climbing Club for glue, bolts, and a few of their members who turned up to do lots of work, We had Spanish climbers helping too, sorry if I can't remember all your names, Victor I hope your shoulder gets better. Didi from the Gozo Climbing club was there as usual attacking the Brambles. I did a modest amount of work.  Big Jeff was there doing much more work, as was Stephen. Anyway a big thank you to all, let's look after Mgarr iX Xini, and yes local council, and tourism office, a bit of help would be appreciated.

At the bottom of a beau cliff on the North Coast, a summer shade venue.

This route is called Aero Rambler, it's very, very nice, all aero pockets and huge friction, it's sandstone, it's beau. This cliff could have a hundred routes, but it's hard work equipping, especially the overhanging routes, and most of them overhang. Anyway it's a new month, new routes will come, but slowly. I need to climb for my self a bit, loose weight and climb more. Prosit.