I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 27 April 2015

Joyous rubbish, sad climbing. by Stevie Haston.

 This is a new cliff, well it's a few thousand years times another thousand. It's got about a dozen routes, 8 of which are sport climbs, and a few old trad. All high quality. Some good fisherman's routes are found here, complete with little chipped holds, and sometimes bollards. It's a great cliff, it's more sand stone than limestone, but it still has lots of fossils. It's very climbable, it's overholded for the most part, with an abundance of pockets.

Met some French climbers who are going to bring a big group next year for a long course in climbing, so yes we climbers are helping the local economy. It's lovely here at the moment, flowers cool temperatures clear skies.

this rubbish is from a fisherman.

Sadly there is more and more rubbish, from locals and tourists alike! National clean up day is the 9th of May, it's national clean up day for me most days, and yes I do want a medal! A typical empty gesture is to clean up something for one day, imagine your house, toilet, or garden if you only cleaned up once a year!

It's a lovely world when we humans aren't here! Nepal has just had a very bad earthquake with thousands dead, there will be as many drowned this year in the Middle Sea, it's gonna be a bad year. Prayers for the dead  and bereaved.