I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring at Sopu, by Stevie Swallow Haston.

A very nice, perfectly bolted route, grade 6a for your delectation.

It's a spring day, correct temperatures, lovely for a change. How many days left in my poxy life that will be this good? The average american spends six months at traffic light, and gets two weeks holiday each year. Malta where I live has the greatest number of Bank holidays in the europian community, they are mostly saints days! This is the only argument for religious belief that I will countenance, if you get more holidays I'll defo believe in the ginger headed Jesus on the cross.  

 Two of my grand children Melody and Harmony and a friends child Ruby climbed the height of the Nose on El Cap for charity, they are very young, sub teens really! Good on them, hopefully they won't spend too long at traffic lights, and will say they have multiple religious beliefs to maximise holidays! They are cracking girls with mums who climb.

This is at the top of one of my climbs! And I found another very good cliff. It's by the sea, and I need good very corrosive resistant bolts, and a drill. Will god provide? Will the climbing community provide?  Will any body help?