I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Feeling limp. by Stevie Flaccid Haston.

 It's some kindda weird low pressure day, and damp, and uninspiring, and so pull ups. It will be 1000 because I say so, I will do them, and that's that. Do I want to? Not really, but my birthday is coming up, and I want to climb at least 8a on that day, so a bit of exercise is in order.

 You gotta do it. A life worth living, and all that, or shall I just stuff my face full of food? A few curls, where's my dumbbells? Don't have one but I got the break pad things from a quarry truck, they're about 50 lbs. Probably pull a bicep, maybe I should just watch a few films of people climbing instead. No!

 My knee is a bit skew whiff, but it's ok, it was nearly a bit of "Bury my heart at wounded knee". Man never listen to doctors, unless it's about how they get people to sign checks! 

Here's a little taste of the new cliff. 30 meters, steep to very steep, not really grossly overhanging, just relentless, and a few steep slabs to keep you on your dancing toes. Should be good. But first 1000 pull ups. Where was I, sheet only done 250, oh well get the coffee on, and do some more. Thanks Bill Ramsey.