I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Holiday For Morons by Inigo "Troglodite" Taylor

All photos (c) Inigo Taylor

 After 3 hours sleep i arrived in France looking for an easy afternoon, after a relaxing drive with Laurence I was abducted by a Coughing Asthmatic  Lunatic and taken underground possibly never too return, or so I thought, as one never knows with this personage.

 After miraculously finding this gated entrance we plunged underground, and despite my apprehension upon following this large chested white rabbit into his underground lair i found it it to be an extraordinary experience. 

 Just a few of the huge Stalactite thrusting up into the huge roof of the cavern, at approx sixty feet....

After a tiring journey through the center of the earth I was alarmed at the display of regional morris dancing/self defense.

The awful one searching for new entrances to Moria....

All in all a great first day of my summer holiday......