I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Birthday Visitor Perspective......by Stevie Haston

 Having visitors can be good, and can be bad. Inigo is 25 today, it's his birthday, for some reason we get on well, despite him being half my age, and being a so called product of the modern age. Anyway happy birth day Inigo, I have seen your climbing blossom from poor, to reasonable, in a very short time, it should, with work get to a good standard one day. Above is a photo of Laurence on an 8a, she hates being less than very good, and because she has been taking Yoga exams, and learning for a couple of weeks, she dropped the last move to the chain. I think I heard her say Sugar, a very un-yogic little expletive!  

 This is me, not dropping the last move, I havent been climbing for a couple of months, I have been taking a holiday from climbing, and doing Marshal Arts. Instead of a couple of thousand pull ups, I have been doing a couple of thousand kicks a day, it's fun, and boy, it is very hard.  

 This is Inigo, trying valiantly on the start of the 8a, he did good! In French we say he has good placement, that is in English, he places him self well. Learning good basic technique is one of the most important things in climbing. Unlearning  bad habits , like poor placement, is a real pain, and is a primary reason why many people fail to progress, despite being strong enough. Better to learn things well first time round, it is very like having a poor service in tennis. Anyway.....
this is a photo from the   Pro Photographer Inigo Taylor.

This is a photo from an old Pro climber, never stop learning, especially about strong Belgium beer. When you stop learning you might as well kill yourself.