I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 15 October 2012

San Vito Festival, Adam Ondra sending first Sicilian 9a, by Stevie Haston

 Stevie had a great time in San Vito. He was pleased to meet up with Adam again, Adam is stronger than before as you can see by his new realizations... He did the first Sicilian 9a during the weekend....Stevie is working on an interview of Adam for Gripped magazine... He got to meet some nice people, some strong climbers, some old friends....rock was great, weekend was fun...Here a few photos, full report from Stevie coming soon..

 Stevie and Adam happy to meet again...

Adam checking out....

Adam's sister Christina, a very very good climber to!
Andrea Gennari Daneri editor of Pareti, climber and also a novel writer, he just wrote a climbing thriller  "Mangart" which won the www.leggimontagna.it Prize. 

Bernie a strong climber on a 8b project.
Adam sending  the first Sicilian 9A

Sicilian Ludwig....

San Vito, Bellissimo...
Mauro Calibani, Bouldering World Champion and E9 clothes.
John Falkiner pow pow master and Patrick Gabarrou  ice master.

Adam, Stevie and Simon Alden from MCC. photo Simon Alden