I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 22 October 2012

Queen of Tarts, Malta by Stevie Sweetie Haston

Photos Simon Alden

Contemplating suicide at the thought of cold and rain! 

 Trying to equip Queen of Tarts, a super, mega roof extension to King of Kings.

The unspoken question and accusation is; why have you not been helping me when Queen of tarts wants to be born and become the Mother of all roofs. 

Photo Stevie Haston
Ondra  on a very very beau 9a. I would like to hang out more with this youth as his enthusiasm is strong and by a kinnda osmosis learn the art of rapid positive movement.

Slow lazy non movement on the top ledge of the Underworld cliff, everybody safe after doing a bunch of great grade 6s.

I want this cliff, it is mine, I want to transport it back to France. 

Anyway I am back in drizzle sodden cold as a dead fish France, its nice to be home and looking forward to training like a demon. New troop of chickens, garden, bossy wife, etc. Have finally found the inspiration I was looking for. Having had a weird year of frustration and silly injuries I am looking forward to a bit of luck, the broken bones in my hand are almost finished healing. 

On a very personnel note I have found that 'the path of small gifts' is something I want to follow. Having done over 70 new pitches this year for the sampling of the masses of rock starved  folk I want to do more, but I need help! So people, rock climbing people, kindly help so that the gift of small things can continue. Thanks Simon and to the climbing community of Malta, the MTA, and everybody else, thanks too to the San Vito festival for making my stay so happy, that was a great place to be and climb.     
Giving is lovely, but you must have something to give, its not really the thought that counts, its the doing, the work. 

Finally I must thank the French government for informing me that when I retire my pension will be  300€ a year, a very comforting thought to know that in my dotage I will have to survive on less than a euro a day, viva La Belle France, at least they gave me the best country in the world to climb in, a gift indeed.