I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Visiting ze husband on Malta, by Laurence Gouault.Haston

35 meters splash of sea

 Running around like a blue ass fly, I forgot the joy of being with the husband…! Big cliffs, gorgeous rock, gorgeous routes, massive exposure, surprising amount of wind and big waves. I had a very pleasant week on the little island of Gozo, one horrible hunter threatened us which was the only sad moment of the week. Nice days with two local climbers Jeffrey&Simon. 
Flowers and rock

But the high point was visiting Stevie’s cave, when the equipping finishes it will be a world class venue. Made we wish I’ve been doing more training than yoga, although Stevie seems  to be doing both at the moment lucky him.
The island is green and full of flowers and not too crowed with tourists, even a few climbers because the hunters are having more restrictions nowadays, which is a good thing. Enjoyed seeing stevie’s family, which does have that Mediterranean thing going in on, like  Toni Ann who comes from New York, is really Sicilian, and so reminds me how different we all are and yet how we are all the same.
hungry cave trolls

The aquamarine of the sea, the greens and yellows, from the grass and flowers, and the colourful personality of the Maltese is a powerful mix.
Visiting the churches is more interesting than before as I am now conscious of the praying aspect in the churches due to following mantras and yoga, they are in fact  pretty similar. It was very good to practice yoga on top of the cliff, it added an other dimension. The yellows of the limestone and the mellow vibes from the stone seems to be conducive to a neutral mind. Equally concentrating on where the horizon and the sea meet it is very easy to feel a greater part of the universe. I’m seriously thinking of coming back just to do a yoga week in Gozo.