I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Oh, such a perfect day. By Stevie Haston

Jeffrey on dinosaur's balls

Been some good days recently, some close as this humanoid ever gets to earthly paradise. Some days approached  that zenith of humanoid enjoyment only to be kiboshed by nasty hunters trying to physically intimidate us, one day we were attacked by a knife wielding moron of extreme girth whose fly was undone and  who seemed covered in slime. It would and could have been funny but his two mates picking large rocks up and hemming us in.

Anyway today was great but yesterday we had some nutters trying to intimidate us. Nothing can dampen our spirits though cos the cliffs are so great, Gothic and grandiose.
Jeff came across from the big island to help and we felt a bit wimpy because we were trashed already by the time he got here. We put Jeff on Elephant Balls which he loved, its high exposure is sublime joy. ++++ 

Next up was another arrete that pierces the sky, Dinosaur's Balls. You need pretty big balls to lead either route but there is a weird ball like hold on the latter which you really fondle and then squeeze like buggery. It’s a bit of a joke route but you wont be laughing that much, its only difficult for two and a half bolts, but they are way up there in the sky  on the edge of extinction.  We cant grade this route, its got a V9 crux and a difficult clip which leaves you plonging sea ward. Its either 8a+ or 8b, or something else, but its definitely ballsy.

Perfect days we have had, one in particular I am not going to talk about because it is a secrete , but this secrete will be shared with you soon, it’s a beaut. So much beauty here, I am glad to be alive, and share the good times with my friends, let the good times roll. But then again in Odin's Hall……

We escaped from the underworld tonight at sunset, big sacs, double ropes drill, lots of tackle and a ton of climbing done, man were we drained, the escape route has never felt harder, full body throws and desperate slaps with torn hands, oh it was grand. Beer, beans on toast, all repeated till bellies complaine. My core feels like its been run over by a truck, good night, good luck, and may you have great days like today.