I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Climbing when you should be Diving, Diving when you should be running. By Stevie Haston

Life is far from perfect! Perfect does exist, but for only short bits of time. Perfect is a brief smile, its a joke, a long smile becomes a gurn, a long joke is a Trump or a Mrs May!

 The Long Goodbye is the longest traverse on the Maltese Islands and involves two swims. Its mega and lasts a bit longer than a loooonnnngg smile!

 Here you go-have a fig says the suspicious man in the Bush.

 An Eco belay-two holes!
 A bit of filming for German TV, no animals were hurt in this film, but one drone was hung drawn quartered and then drowned!

 Never trust one belay the Instruction book says-I didn't write that book and its wrong!

 Alex climbing up from a very nice dive under the cliff of Fishermans and Pirates. A big cave with very nice Fan Coral and shrimps. We also dove through giant boulders the size houses, and lots of illigal fishing gear. Underwater it did indeed look like the rigging on Pirate ships!

The Dag contemplating  on a few world leaders, and farting some disgusting gas.

If there were time enough....I would write a poem describing the worlds beauty. If there were time I would plant a beautiful hanging garden, or three. If there were time I would operate on  a certain Orange Frogs brain and find the malignancy.

Enjoy your span on this fast fading green and blue with a little white ice, afore she dies. Go climbing! Look around befor they turn everything into a supermarket carpark!