I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 22 February 2018

New Horizon old vertical, by Stevie Haston.

I miss the mountains like an old lover, I miss the mountains like a lover I never had but hoped for with all my heart, I miss the mountains. They don't miss me ….they don't care…I am nothing to them.

 Italy looking and feeling like Nepal, even with burning leave smell, annual burning of chestnut pruning!

Returning to the hum drum of my small island after being intercontinental is sometimes depressing, a small life on a small pleasant island. Anyway some of the grandchildren came over to swim and climb.

 Grand children getting ready to lead me up a few routes.

Kids are always good to climb with, not always true, but this time yes. Nice to see they have improved with out me! So, I make them lead. Papi can be dragged up routes!

 this exit from a sea cliff route was too tight, damn my big chest, had to retreat, kids took the photos!

On a windy sea storm day two of the kids and I go for a little walk, and I solo down a little cliff and try to exit through a letterbox. Well-cant get through I huffed and puffed and my legs were dangling over the drop and the kids who where safely on top got a little concerned so I reversed. The waves got me, the waves had bombed the kiddies on separate occasions, they liked it, I will have to watch those kids,they don't like to wash but like to be sea bombed!

 Big cliff (140 meters) on a biggish day.

The powerful swirl of the sea seemed to draw us down, lots of routes to be done on this cliff but loose soft rock will make them fearsome.

 Little Leo, seconding a grade 5 which is a bit loose.

Leo my little grandson looks very like my father and is strong and shares his grandfathers logic, this is good and bad! He is a good little climber but also likes Canadian Kayak-well good he might get a strong back.

 Little Lilly giving scale to some of the mysterious Maltese Cart tracks.

On one day we went to see some interesting tracks, the mysterious Maltese Cart tracks. A new set of fantastic ones were found or rediscovered in an olive orchard.These tracks are prehistoric in origin and various ways for their construction have been put foreword because there is no erosion between the tracks and the tracks can often not be parallel. Nobody knows which in some ways is great, but sure leaves a puzzle, some people the animal that pulled the cart were flying birds!

Diego the little Italian Greyhound showing how perfect this track is.
These tracks are worth seeing, they remind me of Roman roads, possibly italians might have better ideas than us and the British who were here before.