I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 27 October 2017

Happy work, by Stevie sometimes Haston.

Work is some times necessary! Sometimes work is happy! 
Anyway Richard a lovely guy and a journalist brought his kids over and Tutu to climb with me and Alex. Climbing in the sun and shade trying to give something from the great sport of climbing to other people, it can be more of a pleasure than I can say, its also harder than I can say, very hard.

 Mgar Xini where the shot guns are many and the youngest asks why do you kill birds Stevie!

Journalists are very much in the news in my small country where our best journalist was assassinated in the last few days and our country is in a turmoil! I have the pleasure and honour of knowing more than a few journalists come to that a few bankers as well, yes I often disagree with them, but obviously not about climbing in this we are all agreed. More people should go climbing but certainly not Toni Zarb the government political advisor who likened some female protestor yesterday to prostitutes. What a monumental dick Mr Zarb from the planet misoginist is, how can he underline more the zeros of the present incumbent.

 Buddy checking each other!

I insist on Buddy checks it's not something that would have gone down well in the early 1970s, misogyny and bullying should also be out of fashion today. One of the things I love and increasingly love about climbing is it's anti sexist nature, it's anti ageist nature, it really is a sport for all, But please mr Tony Zarb, never darken my cliffs, you will have an argument on your hands. 

 the main aim of today was to get us down here and back!

When these fine folk go I will be sad, Richard the Journo likes my blog, and is complaining I don't blog enough, he is right. But you all know the reason Iam not blogging, it's because I am naffed off, Grenfield Tower, Malta nonsense, arms sales, British ministers not knowing that certain countries ceased to exist 20 years ago! I have been looking after myself, my own sanity, please forgive me, I have been climbing for my self, swimming for my self, and scuba diving for my self.

 Tutu waving.

My little island in the sun, my little brain tangled with Gordian political knots, the pleasure of others wiping everything clean.

 Sebastian looking cool.

I will do new routes, I promise to increase the pleasure, even though I had a report that a public footpath now has a gate on it, and hunters have made a small lake where they are attracting ducks to shoot on the way to one of our best cliffs, and barring us from climbing. Can you believe it? Nearly as daft as rich people killing foxes for nuffing except pleasure and snobbery.

 9 years old, which one is nine years old, or are there three?

I,ll leave you with this, this is a doorway to pleasure, its Alice down through the looking glass to a strange world, or the yellow brick road….

Bye for now.