I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 12 September 2015

No money, no problem, by Stevie Haston.

 the guy who did these little cairns was nearly arrested.

Returning from the States has left me in a bit of a vacuum. I had a really great time, with old friends and new ones. The economy is going real well in the States and theres lots of people climbing and enjoying their climbing. Obviously American Foreign policy leaves a great deal to be desired, but then don't talk about British or EU policy either. In the photo above is a little cairn made by an artist in Boulder Colorado, they (the powers that be) wanted him arrested. Well you can't have cairns everywhere, now can you? Sense finally prevailed he wasn't arrested, but if you think about it, these kinnda cairns might become a bit much.

this little 500 lb bear was nearly arrested!

Money is too tight to mention at the moment, wide spread immigration within the climbing community has led to a severe drop in wages! Climbers and Climbing trainers are not who you think, they are not refugees or sports asylum seekers, they are em …. guys trying to earn money and survive!

Rich in  Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The perenial problem of earning money has risen its ugly head again. I keep downsizing and moving further south. More south than where I am is Libya! Is there a job opportunity there for a climbing grand dad with a life time in the business?

 the Church of the Latterday Saints.

So I was on the train in Salt Lake City,  going to the airport when about 30 young guys in blue suits walked in, it's half 6 in the morning. It's a city Matrix film thing, except these guys are Mormons, it's weird you expect to be in a Sci Fi film, Iam looking at them and being judgmental, when I realise Iam almost entirely dressed in yellow, with matching Haul bag and carry on! You can catch yourself so easily being stupid so easily, you just have to think a tiny bit! But there's the rub, few people think anymore. There is a big war going on in the East at the moment, and consequences are normal. It's hard to understand that in America, or Britain where they have just had the largest Arms Fair in the world. Arms Fair, as in guns and Amunition, rockets and death, not Arms as in Biceps.

David amoung the Goliaths.

When they want to buy you out, you don't have to sell your principles, but it's polite if they ask, or at least offer you some money! I feel like this old building in Salt Lake City today, largely forgotten. 
I started writing my book in the last few days, but realise its gonna have to be classed as fiction! Will I ever finish writing it? Will it get published, can I buy food this week.Which is the more important question this week? 
Anyway a bit of climbing and swimming, I will sustain myself on the memories of Utah and Colorado, food for thought, thoughts for food!