I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Traveling man Ispo/Gozo by Stevie Haston

 This poster will clearly not do as well as the next one! Here we have a very able athlete winning a major comp and the climbing world doesn't care. Maxim Thomilov is a great strong motivated guy and so are his mates who he competes with, there was a lot of forearm meat on display when I met the team in Aosta Italy the other day. Why no one cares about this comp is some kind of blight on climbing magazines and their inability to do the most basic reporting or understand comps-unless of course there are scantily clad girls  parading around and offering american sound bites. 

 These dear lovelies are snowboards, believe it or not. I wouldn't personally want to scratch them, although I might want to ride them into destruction. There you go, sex sells. This is in answer to the editor of Planet Mountain Web site.

Taken from the car, this is typical Tyrol, going from Germany back into sunny Italy. The Ispo show was great, lots of good gear every where, and by lots of folks too. 15 deaths on the snow due to a very unstable layer and possibly a lot of stupidity also, gear doesn't save your life as much as common sense! Be warned it's still dangerous.

 Back at the factory in Italy. Buy these, keep me in a job.

So back in my island in the sun, Gozo welcomed me with open arms. My leg is a bit better and my projects are waiting patiently to kick my ass, gonna train away all those Weiss beers. Hope your not in the frost, cos I aint.