I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Scarpa Booster S, by Stevie Haston.

My Booster S arrived and I took them for a test drive, really good precise shoes. I tried them on at the summer show, with their famous designer Heinz Mariacher. He very modestly said they were a very good shoe, I'll go a bit further and say they might very well become the most popular high end shoe on the market! Any way I couldn't wait to try them on rock, steep rock, precise footwork type of rock, real French humiliating graded type of rock! I got a bit spanked, the shoes excelled!

The sole of the shoe has a few ripples on the heel which helps when your walking around on slabs but the photo is to show the band that pulls the toe down in an arch and gives you foot power on the small holds. The heel is better than on the Scarpa Stix, and won't come off your foot due to the velcro straps. These two straps really crank the fit down, completely eliminating any internal slipping or turning. The internal sole is supposed to be the lightest on the market but I don't think that is as important as it's doing its job so well.

The colour is reel cool and you seem to pay your foot work more attention in consequence. It edges inside, outside, and toe very firmly, yet it doesn't feel clunky when you use the pad for big friction dishes. The rubber is Vibram sticky which for me is the best rubber I ave used, its very sticky but doesn't tear through when you push hard on crystals or small edges.

The boot is very comfy, the elasticated gusset under the two straps also lets out a bit of sweat.  Depending how you size them they could be an all day shoe. I sized mine half a size bigger than my Stix as these are shoes rather than slippers and have a stiffer feel. Take care sizing your boots, I can't stress this enough, there's advise on the Mountain boot site for British buyers, but the fit is really super important.

I wore my Stix on a warm up, and then used the Booster S, and noticed a difference on small scoops, and edges straight away. You stand taller in the Booster and the toe doesn't deform to the shape of the hold as much as the Stix, I will carry both pairs around, but on edges the Boosters are best. 

There's lots of toe rubber which is completly correct, with a few little ribs and roughness to add to its toe hooking ability.

These boots will score big on longer routes with lots of precise foot work, they invite attention to your toe push and because of there turn down will excel on overhanging rock. There's nothing to default as even if you like the softness and suppleness of a slipper these will work in that department too. Hopefully they will make me climb as smooth and flowing as the above picture of the river near the cliffs. It was 30 degrees today, not so cool but the shoes were, even if I was not.