I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 21 March 2014

The incredible lightness of hope, by Stevie pessimistic Haston

Thanks to Inigo for those images, © Inigo Taylor

The island of Gozo where I am is beautiful, it's steadily getting over populated and at the end of May becomes so massively laden with dumb tourists that it is in danger of sinking, my only real hope is that aliens’ will abduct Gozo . Gozo is such a paradox for me,  it’s where I half grew up, where I wanted to get away from real quick and it's probably one of the three countries that I could now live in. For the record I could live in Northern Italy, southern France, and Gozo. Gozo isn’t even really a country unless it’s a country in your heart it's supposed to be part of Malta but the people are fiercely independent  and idiosyncratic. 

The rock on Gozo is fiercely beau, the sea is twenty shades of blue and another 50 of green, the light rebounds from clouds and sky to sea and back again creating lovely hues of perpetual hope and happiness. The sunsets are a pleasure that you want to stretch, so like Ulysses you don’t leave. Today I was on a stellar project called Phantom Lover it's so wonderful that I wish it was a  weird exercise machine, a perpetual route ,a fit climbers hamster cage wheel, the eternal pumpathon.

Anyway I have decided to hope that things turn out well for this planet, simply because it's good to be positive, and some people around me have given me pleasure. My daughter Kate came to climb with me, she escaped her responsibilities as a mum for a week and cheered me up with her enjoyment of the routes here.  I hope to climb with her more.

A while ago I decided to loose weight and it's slowly happening, this has given me hope that I might climb well again. For those of you who are trying to loose weight, it's worth it. You will feel light and start to fly, you won't be anchored to the ground. Keep at it. It's good to climb again. As part of the plan I have been doing Martial arts again and at one of the classes was surrounded by police officers, not generally my favourite people, I was pleasantly surprised how lovely and gentle they were, this gave me hope and reminded me not to judge people by their uniform or job or other detail. Anyway the Moon was big and bright the sun has been shining, the plants are green and bursting, the flowers are smiling and things are all roses (actually hibiscus) in my garden.

Hope you all have a great spring do good routes meet lovely warm people and have more fun and sucesss. The photo of the Turkish flag by Inigo is to remimd me that a smile is a crescent moon. The moon was upside down the other week smiling like mad, it was a good week.