I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tor de geants 2011 report by Stevie dnf Haston.

Anne Marie Gross 4th again 91h28mn only 9mn slower than last year!

Well this is going to be short because I don’t want to dwell on my own failure too much. The Tor this year was like the Tor last year a totally fab and fantastic experience. If anything thing the field of runners was of a better standard and more prepared with people like me having the benefit of finishing the year before. Last year there were 9 runners inside 100 hours, this year 12, but this doesn’t count the possible! For instance last years winner Mr Gross baled out almost straight away and number 2 Calvo mid wayish. There were many others who DNFd including me who were on for a very good time but were injured and naturally are a bit pissed. So why were so many good runners injured? Well the Tor is hard, maybe harder than I thought the first time and is now advertised as the most gruelling long distance race in the world. It is certainly a race that can easily hurt you, the paths are very rough, lots of loose stones and this year seemed very hot. The heat caused a lot of early cramp and the tougher field caused a tougher pace, both very dangerous things on a long race. People like me were not interested in finishing and were only interested in time, this caused lots of trouble. Anyway many runners also ran on with injuries which is pretty dumb, me included. You live race and learn, and I certainly learnt so am not too upset, I also saw and met some fantastic runners, so have been inspired again, so thanks guys!
this year Numero Uno Jules Henri Gabioud 79h58mn
The male winner was Jules Henri Gabioud who came in a few minuets in front of the Gross time for last year. And the female runner was Anne Marie Gross who came in fourth like last year in a remarkably similar time. There could easily have been another 10 runners under 100 hrs, and from what I have learnt there seems room for the time to go down by 5 hours, wow! The Tor was really really great I met lots of mates and made lots of new ones, a big thank you to the organisers and the people of the valleys. I will try to write something more interesting when I am not sulking, more info can be had on the Tors web site.