I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Poisoned Food for thought. By Stevie Haston.

I love good tasty food. I will eat garbage. I am an omnivore; like a pig I eat when hungry or upset or for no bloody reason at all. Eating good food makes me healthy, fit, and well, its actually almost impossible to do that today, that’s why most of us are sick in some way and need huge amounts of medicine which makes us sick in some other way so we need more medicine. I was a veggie foe 20 years not because of the quality of food but because I don’t like hurting animals and if you know about farming you know that even the kindest farmer at least restricts and then kills his animals. I started eating meat again because the diet I had restricted myself to was affecting my health, I had noticed how sick I got when on expedition or in countries where the quality of food was low or appalling. Just eating meat wasn’t just it of course, my friend and companion sees to that, she makes me eat organic food and is very careful. Recently we decided to produce as much food as we could because you cant trust anyone. You certainly cant trust some weird product that is made of the cheapest ingredients and sourced on the internet. And to be frank can you even trust the friendly old mammy at the market who farms organically but her farm is beside a huge motorway junction?

My cousin Michel is an organic cattle farmer, he has now been to court three times to stop his cattle being forcibly inoculated with weird vaccines. Three times he has been to court and he has won and still they try again. The last time 20 CRS riot police turned up with TV cameras, Michel is a gentle person who is also a hemi-pleagic, does he warrant this treatment. If you put chemicals into meat you end up eating those chemicals and remember this is organic (bio) meat in France. So who can you trust. The answer is of course no one. We were given lots of cheese at Xmass in instead of traditional presents as the whole family seems to be broke. Anyway there is awaiting list for this cheese, you certainly wont be able to buy it because it is an illegal product, it comes from non treated cows, and non treated milk. It has hay (from a non treated meadow) imbedded in the skin, and it tastes sublime. When things like this cheese finally disappear I will blow my brains out somewhere public in Paris, I doubt that I will be alone.

Enjoying breakfast

Nietzsche was wrong when he said ‘what does not kill you, only makes you stronger’, often you just get weaker or sicker or your immune functions start getting slower. Bon App├ętit.