I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 14 March 2016

United States of Amnesia, by Stevie Haston.

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Last week I put up 6 routes, and managed to red point 3 of them! So still in the happy stage of having something to do. 

Wall flowers are not boring!

So Six routes done, the two easiest were next to Scoup de Jour at Nadur cliffs, and they were on that crystal red rock, with aragonite bands. This rock is very pretty and the angle on these routes made for interesting climbing, all balance; 6a+ and 7a. They are on Titanium bolts!They are very worthwhile and a fine addition to the repertoire of the Nadur cliffs which now have over 120 routes making this area the biggest area of climbing in the Maltese Islands.  

 Basket Weaving 7a, its always in the shade so a good choice on hot days. Its already hot.

I did a bit of cleaning in the area and repeated a few of my old routes notably doing United States of Amnesia which is a brilliant 7b, and scary as all hell to boot. It starts by a long stem over a 20 meter deep gap and then precarious move on sweeping line leaves you guessing, and afeared. It's a great route I highly recommend it.

20 meters of darkness underneath, United States of Amnesia is not forgotten in a hurry!

Any way after a cold week with some rain its back to perfect climbing weather and a return of good spirits for me. As I said a few more projects to try is always great. I will bolt a big extension to a roof soon which should prove gut busting as its a long way on undercuts and knee bars. By for now.