I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Titanium costs money, please donate for bolting. by Stevie Haston.

My donation button is on the right hand side at the top , donate to my bolting, and climbing if you like these pages and what I do.

 the magnificent limestone of the middle part of Sissyfuss, 4, 4+,6a, 120 meters.

I'ave just extended Sissyfuss for everybody, but I haven't bolted the lower pitches, because I have no titanium left! I put up routes like Sissyfuss, in easier grades, for others. You might imagine or understand I don't need perfect protection on easy routes.  So if you like quality routes please consider donating towards the future of your sport!

 belay stance, after approach pitch on Sissyfuss, cold windy day.

Climbing all over the world has relied on the efforts of a few, the money generated by them in tourism goes to everybody in the community, and to people who sell gear. The equippers,  and life time climbers are some how expected to keep supplying routes, and enthusiasm for everybody else.  I know its an unfair world, but we have to support climbers who actually do stuff, not people who just talk.

 Sissyfuss, 4+ pitch.

Sport climbing is in danger because of the corrosion of bolts world wide! It's not a joke. There will be accidents in Kalymnos, and other high risk areas like Spain, through France, Italy, and down to my tiny Island. In places like Thailand some very kind people have been using Titanium for years now, with good results. It's time everybody who goes sport climbing contributes. Just the price of a coffee, or a beer, every time you go will sort it out- yes it will sort it out. A good chain costs eu 48, that's a chain your grand children could be using.

 Sissyfuss, still the 4+ pitch.

Sissyfuss is a big route, a little classic of Gozo, and Malta, it has no bolts on the grade 4 approach pitch. It has no bolts on the steep sumptuous second pitch, although there are a few threads. The last pitch needs 3 more bolts! I don't need any bolts on this route, obviously, but you might, and it will be more accessible and practical for everybody.

Mr T one of the best 7a's you can do!.

Mr T takes 11 titanium, one chain titanium, 3 days work, 5 ascents now, it's a pearl, it's a peach, it's perfect. And it cost a fortune. Please Donate. Thanks once again Martin Roberts, for your time and effort. Martin owes me a thank you for giving him the line, not enough beers mate. Anyway enjoy my routes you people, Happy Xmass, Winter Solstice, and whatever the other religions celebrate at this time of year. I will celebrate by doing routes, as usual.