I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 7 December 2015

Mr Martin Titanium comes to Gozo. by Stevie Haston.

 Expensive but very corrosion resistant Titanium.

After making the decision for the climbs to be equipped exclusively in Titanium, I invited Martin Roberts the only maker of Titanium 2 to come and climb, and give me the benefit of his knowledge.

Gozo is waiting for you Martin.

 Martin will be coming friday and I am looking forward to learning more and will take the opportunity to tell him of our needs. Our needs are obviously simple, but as some one who has been involved with titanium 2 for years now and has experience from different places around the world, his input will be very much listened to.

A nice bolt in Titanium and a Rams Horn lowering set up.

Although I have been involved in all kinds of climbing through nearly 50 years of working and enjoyment it is only recently that the problem of corrosion has hit me hard. As some one who has placed huge bolts more than a meter long, in some cases for rock stabilisation on cliffs, and to hang netting up to protect roads and houses, it has come home to me much more the need to be 100% sure in the case of Marine environments.
The Gozo Climbing Association thanks Martin Roberts in advance for coming to help us, and he can be assured we will pay him back in beers and good climbing.