I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last of the winter wine, by Stevie Sentimental Haston.

Thanks for every body who has donated to Gozo and new routes on Gozo. Donation button on right top of page.
Gregor your route you donated for, was done yesterday, Viva Cologne is a very beautiful, 7a, exposed, but well protected, a classic!

So it's the end of the year, well it isn't, it's just a phrase isn't it. Xmass, New year, they are all constructs, games, illusions, tom foolery, still anything for a festa. 

I have a lot to be thank full for. So thanks. 
 Thanks Martin for helping me with Sector Titan.

I used to keep a garden, well two gardens really, the flower garden for the visual and sensual pleasure, like perfume, and the language of the bees, and insects, the fluttering of the flying things the flipper of the Butterflys, and the wild hovering of the Sphinx Moro. Keeping the climbing alive sometimes feels like being a busy gardener, lots of work, and dirty cut hands, and listening to the ancient story of stone.

 Martin again, Mr T 7a classic stamina.

Thanks Jeffrey Camilleri, and Ken for all your help.

 lots of colour as usual, a bit too Turner in the last week and not enough Gauguin.

The sky here is a pleasure, it's a meal, morning and evening!

 We have slightly different vegetation here.

I saw a rat at the White tower the other day, he was dragging a Carob bean pod away, he stared me in the eye, daring me to fight him for it. I haven't eaten Carob for years, this new year I will. And I'll try some of Ken new goats milk, from the original Maltese goats we used to have. We loose so much every year, we must make a fuss when people try to do, or preserve some of the good old things.

 its never leafless here, but some trees shed their green!

It's hot today on the last day, tomorrow I work! 
Better enjoy whats left of the day.

 Abseil off the car wheel. Grooves and Aretes.

Is the word arette from the French for spine? It's used in climbing for edge, or outside corner in climbing, or spine of the ridge. Arettes are so much fun, and or scary! Desmond Decker the Sca Singer who produced the first reggae hit died today. Desmond Decker lent his name to hitting the Deck! To "Desmond" is to hit the deck, as in "deck it" as in Cockney patois, its funny how he lent his name to such a serious happening. Sad that he's gone, he had a tremendous affect on London music, and integration of culture in London. 

Sublime, seriously sublime.

The feeling you get when climbing is so underrated, it's more than good, or Ok. It's a deep feeling like stuffing your face with Pistacio ice cream, beating a chess Master, and sinking a tumbler of single Malt while watching a horde of Gengis Khan's finest surrounding you, all in one blizzard of emotions.

I have to go to a funeral this afternoon, make merry while you can folks. Life is short, and not all of it is roses, and sunrises, indeed their is inevitably a final sunset!