I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Xmass bolt Fund for Gozo. by Stevie Haston.

 Patrick giving a lot on a fine Gozo route.

Climbing is a cheap healthy sport that can be enjoyed by young and old, it is not gender specific, and produces a huge sense of achievement. However  routes need putting up, paths need cleaning and litter removed. These things, these little things need time and money! If you think you have time help me please, if you have money please consider a donation to my fund button at the top of the page on the right ( which isn't working at the moment for some reason). It should be working in a week or so, and when I get sufficient funds I will be doing some work and ordering some Titanium. Please wait to send me money.

 Edelweiss sent me some great gear.

So far two Americans have sent me money, thanks Crusher Bartlet and Simon Peck. Crusher has climbed here, with his Astro physicist wifette Fran, they loved the climbing on Gozo. Simon is just being nice, and wants the good work continued having enjoyed the labours of other climbers through out his life, and he has added many routes himself. Thanks guys.

 Bert Arnold German climber donated, thanks Bernd.

One day Gozo will have great climbing, but at the moment we need funds, we wish to upgrade to Titanium which the Gozo Climbing Association things is essential to keep the equipment from corroding. It costs a lot of money. I know Maltese climbers don't have much money, but 10 eus will do some thing. A climb takes a lot of work, we need to be sure its gonna last for future climbers and the kids of future.

 Bernd enjoying Helwa, 6b+ exposed!

Thousands of climbers have now enjoyed the routes on Gozo, and undoubtedly it is now part of the wonderful things to be enjoyed here, but it needs maintenance, and looking after and improving.  Some of the routes we have here are as good as any any where, they are magic, please help.

Stevie climbing above a clean sea on a vey beautiful route called Heart of Glass 6b+

Thanks to Didi the President of our local association, who has kept some paths open for years, and years. Thanks to all the people who have helped cleaning Bamboo recently who came over from Malta, thanks to all the people who have picked up litter. My present to you Maltese climbers in the last week, where two routes, one a 6a, and one a grade 4+, both really good routes, that's my presents to you. Please consider pro quid pro. Just got a donation from Gregor Jaeger and his climbing gym Kletterfabrik in Koln, thanks guys.