I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Gozo, peace, and safety. by Stevie Peaceful Haston.

 titanium bolt on left, expensive and necessary, stick your hand in your pocket and donate!

Obviously the western part of Europe is sad at the moment. The Middle East has suffered much more. And the World as a whole is a fairly sick place. Greed, power, and some fundamentally stupid ideas, doctrines, and in appropriate emotions, are sweeping across the Land.   

 Fungas rock is banned to climbers to protect its plants and lizards, permission only please.

When we are all locked away in little boxes, and can't climb except by scratching at the walls of our cells, we are gonna shake our heads and wonder where it all went. We are literally flushing our freedom down the toilet by letting our civil liberties be taken away from us. It was the first thing Hitler did in 1933! 

 climbing is great, for a few seconds we escape the laws of gravity.

I have two friends over, climbing and freedom has been a cornerstone of their lives. One is from America, one from former East Germany. Oh how the media taught us to hate the Commies, the Red peril, the Evil Ivans!

 Sunset here is free, when they work out how to charge, they will.

My father once had a friend (my father didn't have many friends, and this was before FB!) His friend used to have a job in a German Submarine. My fathers job was on a Merchant Marine surface vessel. The German bloke did his best to blow my dad out of the water, and into what ever hell would except him. After the war they made friends, why not? 

 East German Bernd, southern States Cowboy Jesse

The german submarine guys dad had taken part in the Hamberg Naval Mutiny that led to the end of the First World War! You won't read much about that. Yep the First world war was ended by a strike!

go on strike, enjoy a bit of sun before your locked away in a box, go climbing.

Please donate to the Gozo Titanium bolt fund. We want more fun, and safety in climbing, as we do in the rest of our lives. Please do not subscribe to Payed for Media. Please question why we need to loose Civil liberties to be free.