I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Climbing, bolts, clubs, tourism,Politics. by Stevie Haston.

 Climbing is a valuable touristic attraction to the economy, and Malta and Gozo need tourism to survive. For Gozo climbing could be even more important than Malta, this is my prediction based on more than 40 years in the sport. The Governmental bodies have tried to help, but we need a lot of work done here. This is the present state of play. 

 an overgrown cliff.

We had a clean up at a cliff, which was attended by 13 climbers from Malta and Gozo. Thanks due to the MCC (the Malta Climbing Club) and the GCA (Gozo Climbing Association) Thanks due to everybody. The advantages of climbing are many fold, tourism money, being the most obvious, but it's a healthy sport for all ages, and takes you into the country side, Gozo has little left, and we wish to preserve it for future generations. The Gozitains have documented their climbing back to 1650, with ascents of Fungus Rock, and even a cable car to the top, we were ahead of the curve in tourism at this time! Today the situation is a bit behind the times. A simiar island has 10 times the routes, and many more visitors despite being more difficult to reach, and is internationally famous as a climbing destination.

a combination of rubbish and a non indigenous weed, the Greater Indian Reed consume a cliff.

 a unique cliff with only one route on it!

 exploring new routes on quality rock.

There are hundreds of routes to be done, but problems with corrosion of bolts is slowing progress, the work is hard.

this route was already used for a sports catalogue.

Sport climbing is a safe sport, this might come as a surprise, but you stand very small chance of injury. It is proven by statistics, and yet its totally unpopular on an island that practically is only made up of rock-Maltas nick name is the Rock! 

Please like our Gozo climbing site. 

I would like to thank the Gozo Ministry for setting up this page and a forthcoming web site, and helping the GCA. In the last few years local climbers from Gozo, with help from Jeff Camilleri and Simon Alden from Malta have increased the scope of climbing tremendously, making a great start. Gozo needs more help. The Gozo climbing Association has just got 80 Titanium bolts to test out, these will go in the hardest environment, on the North and North West coast, again I would like to thank the Gozo ministry.