I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A life worth living, by Stevie Haston.

Cousin Paul equiping.

I could've been a Bank clerk, well probably not for long. The temptation might have got the better of me! With so much rock, its hard not to love climbing. Only a few years left, and I want to climb a bit more, and I want to climb hard. I must try harder, less food, less beer, more excersise, more stretching, more mind control, more fun and success. More huge roofs of stone.

Fruit cake Land excellent rock beautifully sculptured.

Did a bit of training yesterday, some pull ups some hangs, 12 kg weight belt plus my own extra lard!

 Edelweiss 80 meter 9.2 and a pair of  Scarpa Furias.

Mountan Boot company sent me a bit of gear this week. The 9.2 Edelweiss rope is wicked quick and provides a nice soft catch, it's a perfect red pointing rope. For Gozo and Malta, check out Edelweiss ropes, around 9.5 or 9.8 for better resistance on the core and extra wear, good catalogue available on line. 

Thanks to all the people who help me, with out my friends, and supporters nothing can happen. This week  Ian Parnell the Editor of the UKs magazine Climb which I used to write for came over. He was very appreciative of Gozo's great climbing, and was kind enough to interview me. And it is good to put Gozo's climbing into some kind of context, great routes and good climate we have, we have on the other hand few locals who climb. Hopefully we can change this by some local publicity.

 titanium Bolt on the bottom, Polished 316 on top, both expensive.

Please note that the advised bolts for Gozo are Polished 316, and Titanium, with highest grade glue. Due to the extreme corrosion on the island, nothing else will do close to the sea. Away from the sea, good quality 316 polished expansion  bolts is a reasonable choice.