I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Team Fook Wit, by Stevie X Haston.

 Using a rusty file as a peg and a rock as a hammer!

It's been a while since I felt truly useless, so I thought I would visit that splendid kingdom again! You know the feeling, perhaps you don't, perhaps you never forget your boots, harness, or rope. Anyway I been fairly together recently, and haven't had to blame any one for my silly forgetfulness, or crass stupidity. Or perhaps I just like the people I'ave been with recently. Who knows?  So I forgot my peg hammer, and pegs, just to be awkward!

 Oliander in bloom, never a mistake, is it?

Where was I, mistakes, or was it forgetfulness? Can't remember! Who cares, well you would if you had ever climbed on cheese! Climbing on cheese is an old Gozo custom, best forgotten. Trad climbing here is best forgotten too, but people keep asking me about it, I mumble something, and talk about bolts, long bolts too. 

A very long bolt in sand.

 I have done trad, well plenty, but here on Gozo, it is seriously to be forgotten. I have nearly bolted all my trad routes, got a few left which I will bolt as they haven't had second ascents. The biggest one, on the biggest cliff, was only four pitches, and  a measly 150 meters of climbing, and only about 6a+. Well that has never seen a line of suiters, or ever will. People talk trad climbing here, and then  they always find something else, less demanding. I dont blame them!

 Caper flowers, Prickly Pear flowers and a traditional wind break.

Anyway today I got a traditional amount of fear, and will be clipping bolts for a very long while again. I think my time of enjoying a brain turned to mush by fear could be over. So much of climbing is make believe, designed one sometimes might imagine to sell gear. There is a lot of weird stuff sold under the guise of 'Trad', like religion, and odd practises like making women wear the Burka. Me I like climbing cheese once in a while cos it's Rad Trad. I bet your all really keen to try something that makes climbing chalk look like granite!